One comment on “Plug into the Wall: Interfaces to the Outside World

  1. I’ve done this before, though rarely. I did it once when I was using a library called PouchDB (a JavaScript library for storing data using client-side storage), but I didn’t like the API, so I created a separate Adapter layer. Now we can switch out the library if we want to.

    Now, I have an idea… JavaScript has been bombarded with new MV* frameworks, and there are a few that I really like that are similar, but none of them have exactly what I want. I’ve been considering choosing one and trying to submit some pull requests, but it’s unlikely that the changes I want will be accepted, so now I’m thinking I’ll just create enhanced adapters on top of them. I’ve sorta thought about this before, but it’s usually just been to add things that specialize the modules to my individual apps, not as generic adapters/facades to create a better interface that also can be used to swap the libraries.

    Thanks Jake.


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