Python Descriptors Book

bookI’ve made a book about Python descriptors, hoping it to be a comprehensive guide about them, a one-stop source for all the needed knowledge for working with Python descriptors. Mostly, I was disappointed in how little any single source on the internet explained anything.

The best out there is Raymond Hettinger’s Descriptor HowTo Guide, but there are so many possibilities when learning to use Descriptors, that so many other sources have information that others don’t. Plus, during my research, I came up with even more ways to use them.

So I made this 96-page book (that includes some blank pages; it’s about 86 pages of solid content) on just Descriptors, and I made it as cheap as I was willing to go, to make it more accessible.

After having been published for several months, Apress contacted me, wanting to publish the book under their name, so now it’s an Apress book!

Excerpts From the Book

Chapter 6: Which Methods are Needed?

Chapter 12: Other Uses of Descriptors in the World

Where to Buy the Book

The Apress Web site official location

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