I’m a certified Java programmer and a Python and Kotlin enthusiast.
That’s all you really need to know. But…
For more info, I have a github account under sad2project, as well as a Stackoverflow Careers profile under my full name, Jacob Zimmerman.
My linkedin account
My gaming blog


In this blog, I tend to present posts in the intermediate to difficult level, often building on well-known ideas that beginners might not know about.

If you are a beginner to java, I recommend two different things that can very quickly help you rise in the ranks. The first is Joshua Bloch’s book Effective Java, which provides 78 nice tips that really help you understand the language and its idioms. Another place you can go is the Java Practices blog. The site isn’t so great, but he reiterates many of the points that are in Effective Java while coming up with MANY similar type points in an extended topic set.

Beginners in Python would do well to to read the Effective Python book, which is similar to Effective Java, but for Python, and it has 59 tips. I haven’t been able to find a blog for Python that’s quite as useful as Java Practices is for Java, but I kind of hope this blog will be able to fill that purpose some.

2 comments on “About

  1. There’s something wrong with your RSS feed. Go to http://planetpython.org/, and scroll down to the entry for your most recent post.
    The link for the blog “Programming Ideas With Jake” is correct, but the link for the article “Multi-Line Lambdas in Python” points back to planet python, rather than the article. Compare with any other entry.
    I use Feedly, and that’s where I first noticed the problem.


    • I don’t know what to say. It works fine in my reader. And looking at the xml seems fine. The feed is automatically created by wordpress; I have no control over how it works. Any problems you’re having are either their fault, your reader’s, or whatever system you use to place the links onto Planet Python.


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