7 comments on “The Genius of Python’s “Self”

  1. “There may be other languages that meld OO and functional programing together well, but I haven’t heard of them.”

    You haven’t heard of JavaScript? I talk to you about it all the time!


    • 1) I don’t consider js to be OO. Either I don’t understand it’s OO-ness well enough, or IT doesn’t understand OO-ness well enough.
      2) Do they meld the two together the way I explained Python doing? Or a different, but equally effective way?


    • I’ve looked into it a little bit. I’m considering looking again, but I think I’ll stick with Python if for no other reason than the fact that I love it’s syntax.


      • I’ve been active with Python for a while, even head up the local user group. F# has significant white space and is the functional language most like Python. Discovered it when my place of employment decided to go pure .NET for some of our products.


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